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Greetings from NCAC-USAEE President, Rita Beale

17 Sep 2020 5:42 PM | Anonymous member

Energy is a critical commodity helping to shape the global economy and influencing the health of our climate and well-being of our communities. The importance of understanding energy economics is highlighted by the 2020 black swan events impacting demand/supply trends and prices due to covid-19 and the current uncertainty affecting energy industries, policies, and investments, already previously in flux from the ongoing energy transition. Perhaps never a more volatile period existed!

During this historic time and with enthusiasm, I look forward to serving as President of the National Capital Area Chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics (NCAC-USAEE). I’m also proud to hold membership (in NCAC and/or USAEE-IAEE) for more than twenty years and to have a career of more than thirty years analyzing and participating in energy markets. The success of NCAC-USAEE is also dependent on the dedication and diversity of its first-class, all volunteer Executive Board Members to help run the organization and guide our path forward.

NCAC-USAEE’s future is bright despite the required transition to a virtual format. The organization is solid financially, membership is growing, and NCAC-USAEE is able to continue its meaningful dialogue, thereby enhancing your professional abilities to make better decisions and informed actions inside the energy space.

While it was disappointing to cancel the 2020 Policy Conference, The Future US Energy Mix: Evolution, Revolution, Deadlock?, planned for April 29 at Georgetown University, some content is folded into the Zoom webinars of this past summer and coming autumn.

  • Near term, you can register for the September 23 webinar, Innovation and Emerging Developments in Canadian Carbon Capture & Storage, and the October 15 webinar, First Hand Insights on Decarbonizing a Utility.
  • At least two more webinars are planned for the autumn - an ESG panel discussion moderated by NCAC-USAEE Board Member, TJ Conway, and a US energy policy discussion in November with Katherine Hamilton following the US elections.
  • Remember that members can also log into the NCAC website with their password to view recordings and presentations from past events, after clicking on the Members Only section.
  • NCAC-USAEE members also can publish their research and opinions in the monthly newsletter by contacting Pat McMurray at
  • The NCAC-USAEE annual dinner, field trip, and 2021 policy conference will be resumed in-person as possible. However, if not, look for other virtual events to enhance programming in the coming year. 
  • If you are not already a member, please consider joining at

The NCAC-USAEEE Board and I look forward to bringing members meaningful dialogue in the year ahead. Please take a moment to say hello and share your thoughts. I can be reached at

Kind Regards,

Rita Beale

NCAC-USAEE President, 2020-2021

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