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  • 31 Jul 2023 5:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NCAC-USAEE is pleased to announce that our membership has elected an Executive Council for the August 2023 through July 2024 term. Congratulations to all the new and returning Council members.


    • President: TJ Conway, RMI & Georgetown University*
    • Vice-President: Jeff Plewes, Charles River Associates*
    • Treasurer: Sam Pearl Schwartz, Neoteric Energy & Climate
    • Secretary: Ben Deering, MITRE* 
    • Immediate Past President: Aqeel Adenwala, Energy Ventures Analysis Inc*

    Board Members at Large

    • Jonathan Chanis, New Tide Asset Management*
    • Sreekanth Venkataraman, SIA Solutions LLC*
    • Richard Meyer, American Gas Association *
    • Martha Moore, American Chemistry Council*
    • Bret Strogen, Strogen Strategic Sustainability*
    • Evan Mackintosh, Embassy of Canada
    • Diep Nguyen-van Houtte, International Finance Corporation
    • Dr. Sara Vakhshouri, SVB Energy International
    • Colby Connelly, Energy Intelligence
    • Sarah Frances Smith, Student Representative, Georgetown University SFS

         * denotes continuing board members

    A short list of some of our accomplishments during this past year includes:

    - continued monthly virtual zooms (recordings available in our Members Only section)

    - successfully hosted the Annual dinner at the Canadian Embassy and the Annual Conference at Georgetown University. Both events were well attended and well received by our members. Both events were also under budget. 

    -organized happy hours for networking.

    -more than 200 active, paying members and an email roster of more than 3,000. 

    -maintained a healthy and stable bank balance.

    It has been my honor and a pleasure to lead the organization and serve our NCAC-USAEE members. Thank you for your continued support of NCAC-USAEE.

    Thank you,

    Aqeel Adenwala

    NCAC-USAEE President, 2022-2023

  • 2 Aug 2022 9:49 PM | Anonymous

    NCAC-USAEE is pleased to announce that our membership has elected an Executive Council for the August 2022 through July 2023 term. Congratulations to all the new and returning Council members. 

    It has been my great pleasure serving the membership for the 2021-2022 term. A short list of some of our accomplishments during this past year includes:

    - successfully and safely returned to in-person events, including our two premier events, the Annual Dinner, and the Spring Conference (available on our Members Only section)

    - continued monthly virtual zooms (available on our Members Only section)

    - conducted a poll with members to determine what events, what format and what locations for in-person events were preferred

    - held regular Council meetings to discuss what the future of NCAC-USAEE events and membership will look like in this new hybrid work environment. We will be providing exciting new information for our member offerings soon- look out for that email!

    -retained 80% of members as of August 2, 2022

    -continued enhancements to the NCAC-USAEE website  

    -maintained a healthy and stable bank balance

    It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve our NCAC-USAEE members and to guide the organization back into the post-COVID world. I look forward to seeing you in person, hopefully in the coming months. Thank you for your continued support of NCAC-USAEE.

    Thank you,

    Natalie Kempkey

    NCAC-USAEE President, 2021-2022

  • 7 Sep 2021 1:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Dear NCAC members,

    The  new NCAC Council would like to invite you to join us at a "Welcome Back Happy Hour" September 30th, starting @6pm.  Location is TBD, but will be in the immediate DMV area. 

    Please join us at our first in-person event in over a year. We have missed our regular monthly luncheons, and we hope that this event can bring us together to say hello and reconnect with our members. We will gather in person, while outside and obeying the DC COVID precautions (please bring a mask). 

    Please register for the event (it is free) so that we have an idea of a how many members to expect.

    We hope to see you there! 

    Natalie Kempkey, NCAC-USAEE President, and the NCAC Council Members

  • 14 Jul 2021 2:14 PM | Anonymous member

    NCAC-USAEE is pleased to announce that membership has elected the new Executive Council for August 2021 through July 2022.


    Natalie Kempkey, DOE -- President 

    Aqeel Adenwala, Energy Ventures Analysis -- Vice President

    Sreekanth Venkataraman, SIA Solutions -- Treasurer

    Open -- Secretary

    Rita Beale, Energy Unlimited -- Immediate Past President  

    New Executive Council Members:

    Jeff Plewes, Charles River Associates

    Peter Whitman, FERC

    Martha Moore, American Chemistry Council

    Ben Deering, DOE cyber directorate

    Madalin How, George Washington University (Student representative)

    Returning Executive Council Members: 

    Casey Ling, Georgetown University (Student representative)

    Jonathan Chanis, New Tide Asset Management

    TJ Conway, Energy Intelligence Group

    Joel Yudken, High Road Strategies

    Richard Meyer, American Gas Association

    Mark Finley, Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies

    Bret Strogen, Boundless Impact Research & Analytics

    It's been my great pleasure serving membership for 2020-2021. A short list of some of our accomplishments during this past year includes:

    -held 16 events virtually, including the annual dinner and an unforgettable virtual conference, now accessible under Members Only Presentations

    -raised dues from $20 to $35, after many many years

    -retained 75% of members as of July 14, 2021

    -enhanced the NCAC-USAEE website  

    -transitioned to youtube for all videos and storage

    -hired the first NCAC-USAEE intern, Bryn Kirk

    -increased our bank balance

    I look forward to meeting many of you once more in person, hopefully in the coming months. Thank you for your support of NCAC-USAEE.

    Kind Regards,

    Rita Beale

    NCAC-USAEE President, 2020-2021
  • 3 May 2021 10:53 AM | Anonymous member

    Annual Energy Policy Conference - Uncharted Trajectories

    We are honored to welcome Representatives John R. Curtis (R-UT) and Paul Tonko (D-NY) for the Opening Keynote. Fourteen other speakers and 6 Board Members are confirmed discussing Reaching Net Zero, Forecasting Challenges, ESG, and Resilience.

    NCAC-USAEE Vice President & Conference Chair, Bret Strogen, has also arranged professional production of the virtual event to enhance our experience. Members are welcome to enter/exit the Conference as often as desired, running from 1130 am to 330 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and capped by a fun Energy Trivia event on Tuesday at the close of business.

    Fast approaching is the conclusion of my 2020-2021 term as President on July 31. I’ve been honored to help sustain NCAC-USAEE during this unusual and memorable year of all virtual meetings and look forward to meeting in person once again as soon as practical.   

    NCAC-USAEE is seeking new Board members. If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile all-volunteer organization, please contact David Givens at Also NCAC-USAEE members can publish their research and opinions in the monthly newsletter by contacting Pat McMurray at

    I’ll see you at the Annual Energy Policy Conference, Uncharted Trajectories in less than two weeks.

    As always, please send your thoughts to me at

    My Best,

    Rita Beale

    NCAC-USAEE President

  • 26 Dec 2020 11:33 AM | Anonymous member

    December 11, 2020

    As the sun begins to set on 2020, NCAC-USAEE wishes you holidays filled with health, happiness, and peace. 2021 has an exciting kickoff and we hope that you will be a part of it by renewing your membership.*

    NCAC-USAEE brings you expert speakers with great content and plans to enhance your virtual networking capabilities until the time when we are able to meet in person again. Monthly events are free to members, with a nominal charge of $10 for the Annual Dinner.


    NCAC-USAEE newsletter caps off 2020 in lively commentary, Regulatory Whiplash, by Johnathan Chanis.#

    Thank you for support of NCAC-USAEE during 2020. The Executive Council & Officers look forward to continuing a strong program through 2021. Please send your thoughts or say hello at


    Kind Regards,

    Rita Beale

    NCAC-USAEE President

    *NCAC-USAEE operates on a calendar year basis. #Members can send articles and opinions to Pat  McMurray at

  • 17 Sep 2020 5:42 PM | Anonymous member

    Energy is a critical commodity helping to shape the global economy and influencing the health of our climate and well-being of our communities. The importance of understanding energy economics is highlighted by the 2020 black swan events impacting demand/supply trends and prices due to covid-19 and the current uncertainty affecting energy industries, policies, and investments, already previously in flux from the ongoing energy transition. Perhaps never a more volatile period existed!

    During this historic time and with enthusiasm, I look forward to serving as President of the National Capital Area Chapter of the United States Association for Energy Economics (NCAC-USAEE). I’m also proud to hold membership (in NCAC and/or USAEE-IAEE) for more than twenty years and to have a career of more than thirty years analyzing and participating in energy markets. The success of NCAC-USAEE is also dependent on the dedication and diversity of its first-class, all volunteer Executive Board Members to help run the organization and guide our path forward.

    NCAC-USAEE’s future is bright despite the required transition to a virtual format. The organization is solid financially, membership is growing, and NCAC-USAEE is able to continue its meaningful dialogue, thereby enhancing your professional abilities to make better decisions and informed actions inside the energy space.

    While it was disappointing to cancel the 2020 Policy Conference, The Future US Energy Mix: Evolution, Revolution, Deadlock?, planned for April 29 at Georgetown University, some content is folded into the Zoom webinars of this past summer and coming autumn.

    • Near term, you can register for the September 23 webinar, Innovation and Emerging Developments in Canadian Carbon Capture & Storage, and the October 15 webinar, First Hand Insights on Decarbonizing a Utility.
    • At least two more webinars are planned for the autumn - an ESG panel discussion moderated by NCAC-USAEE Board Member, TJ Conway, and a US energy policy discussion in November with Katherine Hamilton following the US elections.
    • Remember that members can also log into the NCAC website with their password to view recordings and presentations from past events, after clicking on the Members Only section.
    • NCAC-USAEE members also can publish their research and opinions in the monthly newsletter by contacting Pat McMurray at
    • The NCAC-USAEE annual dinner, field trip, and 2021 policy conference will be resumed in-person as possible. However, if not, look for other virtual events to enhance programming in the coming year. 
    • If you are not already a member, please consider joining at

    The NCAC-USAEEE Board and I look forward to bringing members meaningful dialogue in the year ahead. Please take a moment to say hello and share your thoughts. I can be reached at

    Kind Regards,

    Rita Beale

    NCAC-USAEE President, 2020-2021

  • 4 Jul 2020 1:51 PM | Anonymous member

    I have had a great year as president of the National Capital Area Chapter of the U.A. Association for Energy Economics. Thank you for letting me serve you.

    I want to make you aware of three things before my term ends on July 31:

    • 1.      You have received or will receive an email ballot for next year’s council (the governing board, or board). The current council has been speaking with candidates for some time now and we promise you an effective group of leaders for 2020-21.
    • 2.      Colorado’s power grid and electric generation resources will be discussed in a webinar with state senator Chris Hansen on July 14 at 11 a.m. Chris is not just a politician drawn into the energy debate. Energy economics is his business and his CV blew me away. He is one of the thought leaders in the field. Current NCAC vice president Rita Beale will moderate. Sign up here:
    • 3.      T.J. Conway, one of our current board members, will talk about how the world’s largest energy companies are preparing for the transition to a low-carbon future in a webinar on Friday, July 24 at 10 a.m. The event is being conducted by the U.S. Association for Energy Economics and you can sign up at

  • 18 Mar 2020 4:03 PM | Anonymous member

    The NCAC's 24th Annual Energy Policy Conference, which was to be held April 29, 2020 at Georgetown University in Washington DC, has been postponed. 

    We are considering a new date for the event in the fall of 2020, among other options. 

    You can reach me via email.

    David Givens, president 2019-2020

  • 15 Mar 2020 9:29 PM | Anonymous member

    COVID-19 Updates

    | David Givens on 22 Dec 2019 1:50 PM

    Out of increased safety concerns regarding COVID-19, this event at the Inter-American Dialogue has been switched to a webinar.

    If you registered for the original lunch you must RSVP again to receive the free webinar link here

    The webinar will cover developments in Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Registration is not through the NCAC. You must pre-register here:

    Thanks to NCAC board member Lisa Viscidi for arranging this. Lisa is director of the Energy, Climate Change & Extractive Industries Program at The Dialogue.

    The status of the annual policy conference is under review pending developments regarding COVID-19. You will be notified of any changes. Please continue to check this site. 

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