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Peri Cankardes Ulrey | October 2013

1 Oct 2013 12:47 AM | Anonymous member
I am the Director of Economic Analysis for the Natural Gas Supply Association. We represent the major integrated and independent domestic producers of natural gas. Our members' production accounts for about one-third of the U.S. natural gas supply. I've been in the energy industry for over 20 years.

Any particular achievement/interest in energy/environment you would like to mention?

A favorite was the opportunity to lead the Natural Gas Council's econometric study that reevaluated the underlying assumptions of the impact of climate legislation on the natural gas industry and the U.S. economy. It was great to work with energy sector economists and analysts to develop a common understanding of the true impact of the contemplated U.S. climate legislation. Although climate legislation did not come to fruition, I believe the experience taught the natural gas industry and the government a lot about the importance of an accurate assessment of the economic assumptions in a climate analysis and that will be invaluable should the debate arise again.

In your opinion, what are important issues facing the energy industry nowadays?

Clearly the shale revolution is a game changer. I think it's safe to say that it's not business as usual anymore. With the change, our look at the market is also likely to change. For instance, instead of debating whether or not there is enough, the debate is about how much more there is. This opens a lot of opportunities for the economy that may not have been previously considered. To ensure that the full benefits of our energy resources are realized in the economy, I think our challenge now is to look beyond the "traditional" and begin thinking about competitive markets more broadly, looking to efficiency in capital formation and global markets that allow the economy to realize the benefits of our resources.

How long have you been a member of NCAC? Any particular NCAC memory you would like to share with us?

I've been a member of the NCAC for about 10 years and a member of the council for about 6 years. A great memory was last year's opportunity to serve as NCAC president. The experience provided a unique opportunity to see energy issues from a variety of perspectives, but most importantly, I got an opportunity to work with many talented economists on the council and in the membership, whose friendships will undoubtedly last throughout my career. I'd encourage professionals and students to join the NCAC as it is the best energy networking group in town with a large range of programs for members.

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